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3 Essentials Features for an 8 Watch Winder Box

Due to the wide varieties, shopping for an 8 watch winder box can be a daunting task. While one watch winder brand offers some promising features, the others offer the same thing. So, which watch winder should you choose for your watch? Luckily, there are three simple factors to consider when you’re looking for a watch winder.

Periods of latency

If you’re an avid automatic watch enthusiast, you must’ve understood that they should unwind when they’re not being worn. This is done to maintain the watch by not prematurely exhausting its mechanism. In a watch winder, the latency period is simulated by certain pauses in the watch winder box’s operation. Each pause must resume every time the chronograph runs out of reserved power.

TPD and direction of rotation

Turns per day (TPD) refers to the number of rotations an automatic watch needs to fully operate. It is worth noting that different watches require a different TPD. Sports watches might require up to 1000 TPD to fully operate, while causal watches typically require less. In addition, some watches may require clockwise, counterclockwise, or bidirectional winding direction. So, consider getting anĀ  8 watch winder box with adjustable TPD and rotation feature.

Size and number of slots

The best watch winder box must be able to accommodate watches of different sizes. In addition, the slots must be easily adjustable to different sizes and lengths of straps. Always remember that a watch winder is more than a rotating device. It is also a jewelry box for your collection of watches. Therefore, consider getting one with a lot of available watch slots.

So, those are the three aspects to consider when getting an automatic 8 watch winder box for your timepieces. In summary, a watch winder must have an adjustable rotation feature, latency period, and be able to accommodate watches of different sizes. So, consider all of those aspects the next time you shop for a watch winder box.

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