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3 Recommended Watch Winder for 2 Watches Boxes by Billstone

Are you looking for a watch winder for 2 watches? If so, the list of the watch winder boxes by Billstone below can be your reference. This brand is popular due to its durable, stylish, and luxury winder boxes. You may want to use one of them after seeing the review below. 

In Safe 

In Safe for 2 watches is a 180 x 250 x 150 mm winder box. The manufacturer uses high-quality Walnut wood with high gloss polished lacquer, and premium black velvet to make this product look so elegant. 

This watch winder model is flexible enough to place in a variety of interior designs. The size is also compact enough, so you don’t need a large area only to put this product. There is also a touchscreen control panel and security lock to set the box and watch safely. The drawback is that the In Safe watch winder box doesn’t have LED lights just like some other products. 


Besides offering a watch winder for 2 watches made from wood, Billstone also has several products made from carbon fiber. One of them is the Avanti version. You are about to use a 220 x 240 x 160mm winder box to store the two most favorite automatic watches. 

This product only has one motor to support two watches. Uniquely, it also contains a non-rotate box that is suitable for two more watches. The carbon fiber looks shiny and luxurious due to the use of high gloss, polished lacquer, and black velvet. Unlike the In Safe winder box, the Avanti winder box has LED lights and 5-pre programmed modes. 


Billstone also uses a variety of wooden materials. Besides using Ebony and Walnut, the manufacturer also creates a watch winder box made from Macassar wood. Paragon is one of the products made from this wood. 

The dimension of this product is 190 x 250 x 200mm. The Macassar wood is finished using a black piano to make the exterior looks classic, but luxurious. The black velvet on the interior looks elegant. Paragon watch winder for 2 watches also has LED lights, touchscreen control panel, and security lock.   

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